Marconi Flexi Wall Multi-Adjustable Light (1900-3-FL)

298.82 £

The Marconi Flexi Wall multi adjustable light is made of Solid Brass is available in Antique Brass or Polished Nickel Finish. (Shown with LB2 Ferrowatt Squirrel Cage lamp) supplied complete.  The Marconi Flexi Wall multi adjustable light uses a machined brass flexi rod adjusts and hold a desired position.   Inspired by the great inventor Guglielmo Marconi, as the inventor of the radio telegraph and pioneer of radio technology.  The Marconi collection uses a Ferrowatt Squirrel bulb encased in a cast cage.  The design re-creates the look of vintage valve radios with sunning effect.  The Marconi collection creates a warm vintage feel to any interior space.  With multiple options to choose from in both ceiling lights and wall lights.  The flexi arm version of this collection is an idea bedside light.  Fully adjustable on its solid brass flexi arm, the light can be moved to any desired position.

Height: Max 480mm (18.9”) / Min 140mm (5.5”)
Width: Max 480mm (19”) / Min 140mm (5.5”)
Depth: Max 520mm (20.5″) / Min 220mm (8.7”)

Note: 5 – 7 days  to dispatch