Map Room (Small) Wall Light (1900-6-WS)

161.00 £

Small Map Room Wall Light.  Made of solid brass available in Antique Brass or Polished Nickel finish.  Shown with GU10  LED Dimmable lamp (supplied complete).   With its very low energy use it is ideal for task lighting or highlighting a space.  Our Map Room Collection are made to re-create the look of lighting used in map rooms of ships and working war rooms of world war 2.  Specific for task lighting we use dimmable warm white LED bulbs that are shrouded by conical shades to create excellent task lighting.  Because of the focused spread of shrouded light they are excellent for highlighting areas.   With a large range or wall lights and pendants they are fantastic for highlighting tables and walls or featuring spaces such as countertops. This small wall light is a simple task lighting solution for intimate space.

Note: 5 – 7 days to dispatch